$14-b tax giveback: Clarke presents massive stimulus budget.

$14-b tax giveback
Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke yesterday created a stir in the country when he announced that the Government was “giving back” $14 billion to taxpayers…Clarke said that the Government has decided on a stimulus path on the basis that Jamaica is now in the “best shape” it has been compared to any other period in the last 50 years.

2018 marks 41 years of IMF ‘rescue’ of Jamaica

41 years of IMF ‘rescue’

IN 1976 the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) ran entirely out of foreign exchange, leaving the Net International Reserves (NIR) balance at zero. There was no foreign exchange to buy oil to provide the country with electricity and gasoline — key sources of energy. No money to buy medicine and other vital supplies for the health sector, to purchase basic food supplies…