Personal Loan Rates

Institution Rates*
Bank of Nova Scotia ScotiaLine Secured: 15.75% – 20.75%%
Bank of Nova Scotia ScotiaLine Unsecured: 15.75% – 20.75%
First Caribbean International Bank Secured (cash): 10.00%
First Caribbean International Bank Unsecured: 24.00%
First Global Bank Half Secured (savings): 15.00%
First Global Bank Unsecured: 18.75%
JN Bank Secured (cash): 4.50% above fixed deposit rate
JN Bank Unsecured: 19.50% – 23.50%
National Commercial Bank Secured (cash): 9.00%
National Commercial Bank Unsecured: 16.75% – 20.75%
Sagicor Bank Secured (cash): 10.90%**
Victoria Mutual Building Society Secured (savings): 5.00%***

Rates charged may vary by customer type, specific scenarios, and based on negotiation.

*Rates as at June 30, 2019
** Base rate (NB: The applicable rate varies depending on security used and other factors)
***Minimum rate (NB: The applicable rate varies – calculated as 4.00% above the rate on specific fixed deposit saving accounts)

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