Fixed Income Investing – Fixed Income Mutual Funds

Jamaica Observer: “Fixed Income Investing – Fixed Income Mutual Funds”

Over the past few weeks we have been discussing investing in fixed income securities directly, however for a fixed income investor who wants to diversify his or her fixed income holdings, it may be difficult to effectively do this, as the minimum requirements to invest in each fixed income security may be prohibitive,..

JA dollar not overvalued, says IMF representative

Jamaica Observer: “JA dollar not overvalued, says IMF representative”

THE Jamaica dollar is not overvalued reasoned Dr Gene Leon, the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) senior resident representative in Jamaica, who yesterday added that Jamaica could pass the upcoming quarterly IMF test, save for hurricanes and other external shocks.

Jamaica Observer: “BOJ inflation policy trashed”

FOLLOWING the announcement by Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) Governor Brian Wynter that the Central Bank would be moving towards an Inflation-Targeting Framework (ITF), financial analysts have rubbished the notion as baseless, given Jamaica’s susceptibility to internal and external shocks and the inability to control these forces.

Jamaica Observer: “Banks Penalise Poor Savers”

EVEN as the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) has reduced the reserve requirements for commercial banks, a new kind of banking fee is making customers pay for having too little money in their accounts.

Is the Jamaica Debt Exchange a turning point for Jamaica?

Jamaica Observer: “Is the Jamaica Debt Exchange a turning point for Jamaica?”

On Wednesday evening, the Financial Services Commission (FSC) put on a timely panel discussion entitled ‘The Jamaica Debt Exchange: The Way Forward’. The opening speaker, Jamaica’s Financial Secretary Dr Wesley Hughes, argued that the Jamaica Debt Exchange (JDX) is a “turning point of Jamaica”, in that it has “turned an unsustainable fiscal situation into a more manageable or favourable one”.

Jamaica Gleaner: “Banks hold rates, eye bad debt in credit-card revamp”

Seeking to resuscitate sagging earnings from credit products, local banks have sought to jazz up their credit-card offerings in a market that is now flat.