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Jamaica has made an ‘extraordinary’ economic turnaround | Opinion

Jamaica has made an ‘extraordinary’ economic turnaround | Opinion

Jamaica is well known for its beautiful beaches, Bob Marley and its reggae music. What is less known, however, is that the Caribbean island started a silent revolution after being one of the most indebted developing countries in the world. Jamaica has shown an extraordinary macroeconomic turnaround.

IMF Reaches Staff Level Agreement on Fifth Review for Jamaica

IMF Reaches Staff Level Agreement on Fifth Review for Jamaica’s Stand-by Arrangement

An International Monetary Fund (IMF) staff team led by Ms. Uma Ramakrishnan visited Kingston from February 25–March 8, 2019, to conduct discussions on the fifth review of Jamaica’s financial and economic program supported by the IMF’s precautionary Stand-By Arrangement (SBA)…

$14-b tax giveback: Clarke presents massive stimulus budget.

$14-b tax giveback
Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke yesterday created a stir in the country when he announced that the Government was “giving back” $14 billion to taxpayers…Clarke said that the Government has decided on a stimulus path on the basis that Jamaica is now in the “best shape” it has been compared to any other period in the last 50 years.